Tutatis - Caballos de Menorca

Street theater / horses / modern
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Tutatis - Caballos de Menorca


Caballos de Menorca, which literally translated means Horses of Menorca, gives you an inside look on the beastly nature of horses and reveals the importance of traditions. Horses were a symbolic part of the traditional parties of Menorca, a Spanish island. This unique piece of street theatre gives you a modern view on these traditional feasts and leaves you with an impression that can’t be ignored.



Tutatis departs from the Theatertuin on:


Saturday 28 june 15:00H – 15:10H
Saturday 28 june 17:50H – 18:00H
Sunday 29 june 14:40H – 14:50H
Sunday 29 june 17:45H – 17:55H