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Exploring the Urban Fields

Fasten your seatbelt

Festival Mundial is ready for take-off, who’s with us?

We’ve made a trip around the entire globe with our brand new wind-driven airplane. We‘ve been looking for the latest sounds and inspiring, exciting performances. It’s pretty safe to say we nailed it! We came across intimate but accessible sounds in almost every continent. Intimate and accessible describe Festival Mundial 2014 perfectly. There aren’t any huge commercial acts in this line-up but a wide variety of talent from every corner our earth has. What we do have this year is an extra day. This Mundial Friday night will be a Mexican themed additional day, with the latest Mexican influences. The way we see it: more days equals more fun. ‘De Spoorzone’ in Tilburg will also house this year’s Mundial artists, volunteers and of course visitors on the 27th, 28th and 29th of June. A colourful program consisting of music, dance, theatre, circus and exceptional food will be within reach, in- and outside. There’s no need to fight boredom with Festival Mundial’s 20 areas and 12 stages, and if you still have to, you probably haven’t found the beach or the city farm yet. Oh hey skaters, bring those boards because you can show off your skillset in the Hall of Fame!

Festival Mundial won’t grow capacity wise, so don’t get all confused when those ‘sold-out’ signs show up in the on- and offline Mundial world! ;)


Get a ticket for your Mundial world trip

Festival Mundial tickets won’t get more expensive compared to last year. All prices include service costs, but exclude € 0,95 transaction costs. Kids up until the age of 12 come in for free! Of course the discount tickets for CJP culture pass holders are still there, and we’ve arranged a decent discount for people coming by train.

Please be aware of the limited capacity of our intimate areas. If you really want to check something out, get there before the others do. We hope to see you at Festival Mundial 2014!

Buy your Festival Mundial tickets only at official outlets: via our website or  - when you’re in the Netherlands – at Primera stores. The service fee via Primera is € 3,50 per ticket.



Stay over for the weekend!

Enjoyed your one, two or three day trip through the upcoming spectrum of cultures? Stay over for the weekend! For the ultimate Mundial experience you and your fellow travellers have the possibility to keep the party going or get a good night’s sleep at the campsite. In de Spoorzone area, so on walking distance from the festivities, the campsite adventures await you for € 37,50 for the whole stay (entrance to the festival and parking costs are not included). Holiday caravans, mobile homes and tents are all welcome on the campsite.


Who we took with us

We proudly present you a superdiverse line-up stuffed with artists from every corner of the world. We’d like to challenge you to dive into this deep sea of artists and choose your very own headliner. Last year’s Mundial edition was the first one to take place at the Spoorzone and was sold out. The seed we planted over there will flower completely during the festival. This year the line-up is even more balanced and diverse with loads of artists producing new, worldly sounds.

Wanted: Participants

We need you!

Always wanted to see how constructing and dismantling a festival works? Or wanted to be a part of the voluntary crew on the festival days themselves? Or even better: both? That’s just great! In that case you’re exactly the person we’re looking for. Sign up as a volunteer and we’ll meet soon! 

Please note that due to the large number of applications we can not guarantee that there is room for everyone.